Unfortunately, due to our supplier, cPanel, revising their licencing costs and changing from a per-server billing model to a per-account billing model, we are being forced to increase our costs to cover these new charges.

Regrettably, because these costs are so significant, we are unable to absorb them like we would usually do for other small incurred costs.

As of 1st October 2019, all of our hosting packages will be increased by 50p per month as follows:

  • Starter - £3.00 per month (previously £2.50), £36.00 per year (previously £30.00)
  • Bronze - £4.50 per month (previously £4.00), £54.00 per year (previously £48.00)
  • Silver - £5.50 per month (previously £5.00), £66.00 per year (previously £60.00)
  • Gold - £8.00 per month (previously £7.50), £96.00 per year (previously £90.00)
  • Platinum - £11.50 per month (previously  £11.00), £138.00 per year (previously £132.00)
  • Extreme - £22.00 per month (previously £21.50), £264.00 per year (previously £258.00)

We don't like increasing our prices (the last time we did this was over 5 years ago!), but we are simply unable to absorb the new licence costs set by cPanel.

We will, of course, continue to provide the fast and reliable hosting you have been enjoying from us, along with all your usual benefits including free SSL certificates, automatic back ups and the latest hosting software.

Monday, August 5, 2019

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