Equiphase is in the process of decommision Boron. Over the weekend, we moved a very large amount of accounts to our brand new "Argon" server. If we look after your email, and your account was on boron, you will need to reconfigure it, if your email client was setup to link direcly to the server rather than via your domain name,

If your email client is setup to link directly to boron,equiphase.net, you MUST update it to mail.<domainname> (e.g. mail.equiphase.net) to continue to receive your email.

If you require any help or assistant, please submit a support ticket.

If accessing your email via our webmail system, ensure you are logging into the correct server - our new server name is argon.equiphase.net, our webmail system can be accessed via www.<domainname>/webmail (e.g. www.equiphase.net/webmail)

Monday, June 19, 2017

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