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Oct 1st 2021 Removing Support for PHP 7.2

As from 1st October 2021, support for PHP 7.2 was removed from our servers. Equiphase will continue to support PHP 7.3, 7.4 and 8.0.The reason for this was that PHP 7.2 had reached End of Life and this version was no longer supported or receiving updates from the providers of PHP. Any sites using PHP 7.2, were at risk of potential security or ... Read More »

Jul 1st 2021 Removal of PHP 7.2

As announced 6 months ago, PHP 7.2 has been marked as end of life. As of the 1st October, we will be removing PHP 7.2 support from our servers. If your site is running on PHP 7.2, it is important to make sure that your site will work on PHP 7.3 by the 1st October - you can update your php version using the "MultiPHP Manager" option within your ... Read More »

Feb 8th 2021 Default PHP changed to v7.3

Our default PHP on all server has been updated to PHP 7.3, due to PHP 7.2 being marked as EOL (as of the 30th November). We are continuing to support PHP 7.2 for at least 3 months (we will give notice when we plan on doing this) to give you time to update your web scripts, you can downgrade your site to PHP 7.2 by using the "MultiPHP Manager" ... Read More »