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Jun 21st 2023 We now support Direct Debits via GoCardless

"No More Late Payments" With Direct Debit you’re in control – once authorised we will collect your payment automatically when they are due, without needing to contact you. "Set and Forget" You can set up Direct Debit payments, then forget about them as they’ll automatically be taken each time they are due without you needing to do ... Read More »

Feb 28th 2023 Default PHP changed to v8.1

Our default PHP on all servers have been updated to PHP 8.1, due to PHP 7.4 being marked as EOL (as of the November 28, 2022). There are no plans, at this moment, to remove PHP 7.4 and 8.0 support from our servers.To ensure that all websites continue to work, any sites currently using PHP 7.4, has been configured to continue to use PHP 7.4 and not ... Read More »

Feb 14th 2022 Default PHP changed to v7.4

Our default PHP on all servers has been updated to PHP 7.4, due to PHP 7.3 being marked as EOL (as of the 18th November 2021). We are continuing to support PHP 7.3 for at least 3 months (we will give notice when we plan on doing this) to give you time to update your web scripts, you can downgrade your site to PHP 7.3 by using the "MultiPHP ... Read More »