iGalerie is an open source gallery application.

Create your photo/video gallery easily with iGalerie.

  • A light and complete gallery: Weighing less than 3 MB, iGalerie is nonetheless rich in features: member management, adding comments and votes, multiple sending of files by the browser, management of EXIF and IPTC metadata, slideshow, tags, geolocation, password locking of albums, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Video support: In addition to images (AVIF, GIF, JPEG, PNG and WebP), iGalerie also supports videos (MP4 and WebM). And to make your life easier, iGalerie automatically generates video thumbnails, whatever your PHP configuration!
  • A customizable theme: iGalerie's default theme is modern, responsive and customizable. Choose between a light or dark style, change the color, add the banner of your choice... Many settings will allow you to give your gallery the appearance that suits you, all with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to test your ideas instantly, without having to reload the page!
  • An efficient administration: Configure your gallery in a clear, ergonomic and responsive administration interface. All features can be activated by a simple checkbox, and you can manage your files with a powerful and convenient mass management system. And with context-sensitive help and online documentation, you'll never be lost!
  • Advanced member management: iGalerie allows your visitors to register, send files (photos or videos) and become an administrator. You have advanced management of all your users through a system of groups with access permissions to features and categories (blacklist / whitelist), several registration validation methods, customizable profile information, etc.

Available Versions

3.0.212023-10-02 (latest version)

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