HESK is a free customer support application. HESK provides a help desk, knowledge base, email-to-ticket support, two-factor authentication, and many customization options. HESK is trusted by thousands of websites for being simple, light-weight and secure.

Use HESK to set up a web-based customer support portal or an IT help desk to help you create, manage and resolve support tickets. HESK includes everything you need to provide effective customer support at none of the cost:
  • Receive and track customer support requests (support tickets). Organize them into categories, create auto-assign rules, track who is in charge of what ticket, and ensure issues get resolved in time.
  • The built-in Knowledge base can save you precious time by allowing your customers to solve problems themselves by searching for and reading articles, frequently asked questions, and guides.
  • Dozens of customization options and settings, custom fields, custom statuses, canned responses, ticket templates, spam prevention, and multiple languages are available – all free of charge!

Available Versions

3.4.52024-03-11 (latest version)

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