Contao is an open source content management application. Contao was formerly known as TYPOlight.

Contao is an open source content management system (CMS) for people who want a professional internet presence that is easy to maintain. The state-of-the-art structure of the system offers a high security standard and allows you to develop search engine friendly websites that are also accessible for people with disabilities. Furthermore, the system can be expanded flexibly and inexpensively. Easy management of user rights, the Live Update Service, the modern CSS framework and many already integrated modules (news, calendar, forms, etc.) have quickly made Contao one of the most popular open source content management systems on the market.

  • Proven. Since 2006. Continuous and predictable development. International agencies and companies are successfully using Contao.
  • Steadfast. Current. High development standards, regular updates, fast and reliable fixes, and 4 years of support for LTS versions.
  • Easy. Intuitive. Thanks to the consistent operating concept, editors quickly find their way around Contao.
  • Versatile. Mobile. Individual, search engine-friendly and barrier-free design implementation for desktop, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Solid. Changeable. As an open source CMS, Contao is based on open web standards and is easily adaptable to your needs.
  • Support? Ask! Competent partners and a strong community respond in the forum or in professional trainings.

Available Versions

5.1.102023-07-31 (latest version)

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