Акции и промоции

Oct 15th Backup Server Upgrade

We are in the process of upgrading/reinstalling our backup software - backups are currently offline and all old backups have been destroyed.

Our backup server is now operational again and has been doing regular backups since midnight 15th October 2017.

Jun 19th Decommissioning Boron!

Equiphase is in the process of decommision Boron. Over the weekend, we moved a very large amount of accounts to our brand new "Argon" server. If we look after your email, and your account was on boron, you will need to reconfigure it, if your email client was setup to link direcly to the server rather than via your domain name, If your email ... Повеќе »

Dec 20th Goodbye Helium, Goodbye Lithium, Hello Titanium.

You may or may not know that we've been moving your accounts around. The reason? We are upgrading our infrastructure ... We've invested into a brand new server aka Titanium, which includes superfast SSD drives (if you were previously on our Helium or Lithium servers, you are now on our Titanium server). Helium and Lithium are now fully ... Повеќе »